Silt laden Severn water - all this fine silt will be deposited if the flow is forcibly reduced

Gloucestershire County Council misinformed about barrage proposal


Gloucestershire County Council are being lead headlong into a mire by misinformation about the proposed Severn barrage. Barry Dare, Council leader, is being misinformed and in turn is misleading people. He seems to be under the impression that a barrage would produce cheap electricity. Any electricity produced from a barrage would be very expensive. The study prepared by the National Trust and nine others NGOs released last week, states any electricity would be very expensive and would equate to bigger bills for all. Gloucester County Council should be calling on the Government to spend money earmarked for the Severn on a ‘Green Energy Zone’ - micro generation and insulation for all, encourage ‘Green Technology’ to the area, boost the regions economy and importantly provide proper flood management for Glos and Tewks. Studies have shown that a barrage would increase the chances of flooding in Glos and Tewks by reducing the rivers capacity to transport water away. It would also increase flooding down stream. Who would pay for dealing with this? A barrage is not suitable for the silty Severn and not the way to reach 15% renewables by 2020 there are cheaper better ways. Experts believe even the feasibility study is a waste of money especially as it being undertaken by one of companies proposing a barrage.

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Stuart Ballard seems to me bang on but I’m not a hydrologist. Farmland round tewkesbury will be a writeoff. ALSO: will not a vast waterbody force its way through sandstone in North Somerset and
undermine Worle , then flood the levels?

Stuart Ballard is right ahout backup to beyond Gloucester. Also: will not a vast waterbody force its way through sandstone in North Somerset and hit Worle plus the levels?

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